Completed the FAFSA. Congratulations. What Comes Next.

When you complete the FAFSA, you’ll need to list schools you’re interested in attending. Your FAFSA application is sent to those schools, and the ones that you’ve applied to and been accepted to will send you financial aid offer letters stating how much you can receive in financial aid. In addition to grants, scholarships and work-study programs you may qualify for, the letter will provide information on the type and amount of federal student loans you can receive. If you still need additional funds to attend college, visit Bank of North Dakota’s website to learn about its student loan program.

When you decide which college to attend, call the admissions office to let them know to expect you and follow the instructions that came with the offer letter of financial aid to accept the financial aid package. You also need to inform the other colleges on your list that you won’t be attending them.

You may receive a letter from the school asking you to verify the FAFSA information. You may receive this because there is conflicting information, missing information or it may be a random selection. Regardless, it is critical that you return the paperwork required in a timely manner.