Benefits at no charge to your business

As a business owner, you know how important it is to take care of your employees. Bank of North Dakota has a no-cost option available that sends a clear signal to them that you care about their financial well-being.

Bank of North Dakota offers presentations on its programs on-site at businesses to assist people with planning for college, cradle to career. Chances are many of your employees don’t know about these options.

  • College SAVE helps people start college savings for the special children in their lives early. Every newborn qualifies for the Children First grant and four out of five families qualify for at least one year of Matching Grants. Payroll deduction options are available as well.
  • The College Planning Center is an excellent resource to help North Dakotans plan for college.
  • DEAL Student Loans are available when federal student loans, grants, scholarships and savings aren’t enough to cover the costs of college.
  • And finally, if your employees who are North Dakota residents haven’t taken advantage of the DEAL One Loan to refinance all of their student loans, it’s time they take a good look at it. Interest rates remain low at this time and many North Dakota families are enjoying the benefits of more cash in their pocket each month or repaying their loans more quickly.

We’d appreciate an opportunity to come to your business and present on any of these programs. Check out our Achieve More page to request a presentation.

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