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Manage your student loan

Apply for a new loan with BND or access your in-progress loan application by logging into your account here.

Click here to create a new login to make payments and obtain information on your loan(s) in repayment.

BND Student Loan Portal Update

While many customers have logged in successfully to the new portal, the student loans team at BND has heard from several that they are experiencing issues. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Please report your concerns on the bnd.nd.gov/contact form or call us at 833.397.0311 or 328.5660.

Welcome! We are excited to share our new student loan portal with you. Your information has been transferred to the new portal, but we need you to create a new login. If you have a cosigner, they also need to create a new login. The borrower and cosigner need different email addresses. See the box above for links.

The upgrades should make it easier to manage your student loans. These are some of the benefits we think you’ll appreciate with the new portal:

  1. More control with your payments! You can set your payments monthly, weekly, or biweekly to fit what works best for you. Plus, there are more options on how to allocate your payments.
  2. Cosigner protections – Cosigners can set up automatic payments that only pull if the borrower misses their payment.
  3. Mobile-friendly, 24/7, secure web access to your information.

With this new portal, there are changes you will see regarding interest rates.

  • If you have a fixed interest rate loan that was taken out prior to April 1, 2020, your rate will decrease by one percentage point shortly after the portal upgrade. This was instituted as part of BND’s COVID-19 relief package for student loan borrowers.
  • If you have a variable interest rate, you will see your monthly payment amount change quarterly to align with the variable interest rate as it changes. BND adjusts its variable interest rate on the first business day of January, April, July and October. Under the old software, your payment typically remained the same regardless of the change in interest rate.