Mission, Vision, Core Values


To deliver quality, sound financial services that promote agriculture, commerce and industry in North Dakota.


Bank of North Dakota is an agile partner that creates financial solutions for current and emerging economic needs.

BND’s Vision focuses on the following elements:

  • Agility – The rapidly changing environment requires innovation, agility and flexibility.
  • Partnership – We seek to partner with our financial institutions, state agencies, economic
    developers, educational leaders, legislators and other stakeholders.
  • Financial solutions – We strive to meet a broad range of financial needs including lending,
    liquidity, asset management, transaction processing, financial literacy, collateral valuation,
    educational outreach and more.
  • Current and emerging economic needs – While meeting today’s needs, we are also
    forward-looking to anticipate future needs and to create solutions to address them.

Core values

BND’s core values serve as a guide for decision-making, actions and how we treat customers and
each other.

  • Service
    Curiosity drives us to ask customers what more we can do for them, understand their
    needs and to be flexible in our delivery, always striving for continuous improvement, cost
    effectiveness and timeliness.
  • Teamwork
    Collaboration is key as we break down silos, recognize the expertise that different perspectives
    bring and create solutions in an environment of respect and accountability.
  • Ethics
    We are empowered to do the right thing, acting with honesty and integrity in everything
    we do.
  • People-centered – “Employees Set Us Apart”
    Coaching provides the foundation for a culture that respects differences, encourages
    creativity and personal development, promotes work-life balance and celebrates individuals
    for their contributions.