ND Industrial Commission

The North Dakota Industrial Commission consists of three members: North Dakota’s Governor, Agriculture Commissioner, and Attorney General.

According to North Dakota Century Code 6-09, the Industrial Commission shall operate, manage, and control Bank of North Dakota, locate and maintain its places of business, of which the principal place must be within the state, and make and enforce orders, rules, regulations, and bylaws for the transaction of its business. The powers of the Industrial Commission and the functions of the Bank must be implemented through actions taken and policies adopted by the Industrial Commission.


Doug Burgum


Doug Goehring
Agriculture Commissioner


Drew Wrigley
Attorney General

BND Advisory Board

According to North Dakota Century Code 6-09, the governor shall appoint an advisory board of directors to Bank of North Dakota consisting of seven persons. Of the seven, at least two must be officers of banks whose majority of stock is owned by North Dakota residents. At least one director must be an officer of a state-chartered or federally chartered financial institution. The governor shall appoint a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary from the advisory board of directors. The term of a director is four years. The Industrial Commission shall define the duties of the advisory board of directors.


Karl Bollingberg


Dennis Johnson


Jean Voorhees


Pat Clement


Christie Obenauer

Bill Price

Brenda Foster

Executive Committee

The Bank of North Dakota Executive Committee consists of eight members:

Photo of Todd S

Todd Steinwand

Alison Anderson
Chief Banking and Innovation Officer

Photo of Kirby E

Kirby Evanger
Chief Credit Officer

Craig Hanson
Chief Lending Officer

Kelvin Hullet
Chief Business Development Officer

Photo of Lori L

Lori Leingang
Chief Administrative Officer

Rob Pfennig
Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Christy S

Christy Steffenhagen
Chief Risk Officer