BND provides a safekeeping service for U.S. Treasury securities, federal agency securities, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, money market investments and mortgage-backed securities. This service includes the receipt and delivery of securities, the timely payment of principal and interest, and the processing of transactions.

BND holds securities primarily for financial institutions, insurance companies, and State agencies. Our service includes processing all interest and principal payments. Confirmations for all trade activity, principal and interest payments, and month end asset holdings are available on-line through the BND’s online account access.

Safekeeping Forms

Trade Information (PDF)
Certificate (PDF)
Repurchase Security Information (PDF)
Portal Authorization (PDF)

Delivery Instructions
Fed Book Entry
Bank of North Dakota Bismarck/1020
ABA #091300285

Other Book Entry
Depository Eligible DTC Book Entry
JP Morgan Chase
DTC Participant Account No. 00902
Reference: G54194 Bank of North Dakota