BND Direct Cash Management

BND Direct Cash Management assists with several key aspects of your business: balance reporting, bank reporting, messaging, participation loan accounts, ACH submission, wire transfers and administration.

Financial institutions control their own system access to BND Direct by adding and deleting users for each function. You can also unlock and reset passwords for your staff members.

Originate ACH payments, move money electronically and process payroll files and accounts payable files. Submit your own NACHA-formatted files and upload them to BND. Use BND templates if you are unable to create a NACHA-formatted file. You need to include a transmittal summary along with each file or template submitted.

Send the file to BND by 4 p.m. CT to be processed the same day.

View BND account activity including debits, credits and balances. Export, print and generate reports. Customize your reports to include features you’d like to highlight. You can export activity in BAI2 format, comma-separated values or tab-separated values and upload into your core system, saving you the time to manually balance your account. Your transaction summary may be viewed by day, dollar amount or transaction type. Your account activity is updated multiple times daily.

View, print or download reports for account analysis, account statements, ACH files and ACH reports.

Transfer funds between your own BND accounts.

View a summary of all BND participation loans and balances. Make payments and advances through the participation loan channel.

Complete and submit coin and currency orders, ACH Returns and Notice of Changes.

Wire transfers move quickly and safely through BND. Domestic wires can be initiated by phone or online; international wires must be initiated by phone. The outgoing international wire deadline is 3:30 p.m. CT and domestic is 4:00 p.m. CT.