Bank of North Dakota prepares for 100th anniversary celebration

Bismarck – Bank of North Dakota (BND) is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019 and is asking the public for assistance. Historical artifacts from the Bank such as letters, memorabilia and promotional items are being accepted. In addition, the Bank is seeking stories from farm families who were assisted by the Bank during the Great Depression and were able to keep the farm as a result. Long-established businesses which have benefited from Bank loan programs that are willing to share their success stories will also be included in the anniversary plans.

Well-known historians Mike Jacobs and Clay Jenkinson are assisting with several of the anniversary projects including a museum to be located on the first floor of the Bank building in Bismarck, a commemorative table book and website.

“As the only state-owned Bank in the country, we are celebrating the partnerships we’ve created with our state’s residents over the past 100 years,” states Eric Hardmeyer, BND President. “We receive calls from individuals and organizations across the country and world about our model so this is an opportunity for residents to become involved and share their stories for generations to come.”

If you have items or stories you think the Bank may be interested in, you are asked to contact Janel Schmitz, Communications Manager at Bank of North Dakota at or 701.328.5880.