FAFSA videos simplify the application process

The FAFSA can be completed in about 30 minutes if you know what to expect and have the information you need at your fingertips. We’ve created a series of short videos to explain different aspects of student financial aid and common areas where people have questions in completing the FAFSA.

  1. Overview of the financial aid process
  2. What you need to complete the FAFSA
  3. Dependent vs. independent status on the FAFSA
  4. Reporting divorced and separated family on the FAFSA
  5. Family size on the FAFSA
  6. Determining assets on the FAFSA
  7. Verifying the FAFSA
  8. Scholarships and grants
  9. Federal Direct Loan and Federal Direct PLUS Loan
  10. Bank of North Dakota Student Loan
  11. Cosigning private student loans
  12. Tackling credit cards

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