Financial Education for Students

Be confident with your financial decisions.

When deciding on a career and how you will fund any training or educational needs to achieve it, you need an understanding of finances to Be Confident. At its most basic level, this is what it means to manage your money: Don’t spend more money than you have.

While that sounds simple enough, there are many choices you make that impact your financial security. Everyone is different. Some have more money available to them than others. Some spend more than others, and some save more than others. It’s up to you to educate yourself on the types of expenses you need, credit cards, taking out loans and investing for your future. Set your priorities and do what you can to reach your financial goal. You probably don’t want to work forever!

Research careers and salaries

What career are you interested in? What is the salary? What education is needed and how much will it cost you? Use these links to get started.

Labor Market Information

Regional College Cost Sheet

BND has written and video resources to assist with your financial decisions.

* These do not replace the advice you can receive from a certified public accountant or financial advisor, but it will help you know the questions you should be asking.

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