College SAVE and BND celebrate success of Children FIRST

Bismarck, ND – College SAVE, North Dakota’s 529 college savings plan, hit a new milestone at the end of 2014. More than 2,500 newborns in the state have received the $100 Children FIRST grant to start their college savings account.

Bank of North Dakota contributes $100 for each baby, earmarked for his or her higher education fund. Children FIRST is open to families of every baby residing in North Dakota twelve months old or younger. Anyone can apply for a Children FIRST Grant for a North Dakota newborn – including parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, or friends.

The program is entering its fourth year of helping to set newborns on the path to higher education. At the end of 2014, 2,526 Children FIRST accounts have been opened on behalf of North Dakota newborns.

“The goal for College SAVE’s Children FIRST program is to get North Dakota residents saving for college at the earliest stage possible,” says Bank President Eric Hardmeyer. “Studies show that children with savings dedicated for college are at least four times more likely to attend than children without. We want to do what we can to put North Dakota residents on track for making those education dreams a reality.”

For more information, contact James Barnhardt, College SAVE Plan Administrator 701.328.5882

About College SAVE College SAVE allows families and individuals to save for higher education costs, with a number of notable benefits that include full control of the account, tax advantages, flexibility of use, and more. North Dakota residents investing in College SAVE receive additional tax benefits, including a state income tax deduction.1 Funds in a 529 plan may be used at any accredited school nationwide. For more information on College SAVE, visit

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