Credit Analysis Manager

Location: Bismarck

Status: Full-time

Deadline: 1/21/2020

Summary of Work

This position’s basic purpose is to manage the credit analysis, underwriting and valuation function and staff for commercial, agriculture, student loans, political subdivisions, and/or economic development projects for Bank of North Dakota. Responsible for leading a credit analyst team as well as self-production of credit analysis and underwriting on commercial, ag, student loans, political subdivisions, and/or economic development projects for new originations, renewals, and annual reviews. The Credit Analysis Manager oversees the credit analyst team regarding underwriting, collateral valuation including appraisal review and in-house evaluations, loan policy adherence, loan structure, loan documentation, covenant compliance, and project administration.

Duties and Tasks

Leading Credit Analyst Staff/Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Hiring and training of Credit Analyst Staff.
  • Assign credit portfolios to Credit Analysts
  • Supervise the credit analysis and valuation functions
  • Lead or participate in non-recurring projects related to credit administration.
  • Contribute to credit administration initiatives and goals.
  • Leader in project management related to credit programs, loan system upgrades and enhancements, workflow efficiencies, portfolio risk, loan policies and strategic direction of the credit administration function of BND.

Analysis/Annual Reviews:

  • Analyze credit information; write credit proposal, review the valuation, conduct stress testing, and evaluate credit concentrations.
  • Analyze the moderate to highly multi-faceted comprehensive credits which have a higher to highest degree of complexity due to more complex credit facilities, number of entities, number of guarantors, and number of cash flow streams.
  • Conduct scenario analysis based on multiple variables stand-alone and concurrently that may occur resulting in the best case, probable, and worst-case scenarios.
  • Analyze credits that are new to the bank as well as existing borrowers.
  • Analyzes credits that are stable or new in their life cycle (start-ups/new ventures), with potentially some major changes such as expansions, contractions, acquisitions and mergers, as well as land developments, land acquisition, large construction projects, and substantial projects and economic development activities.
  • Analyze credit information, review the collateral valuation and evaluate credit concentrations. The credit analyst will analyze the merits and various risks of the credit facilities, the borrower(s), guarantor(s), collateral, equity, liquidity, economic conditions, regulatory environment, weather conditions, industry averages, competitive environment, barriers to entry, traffic flows along with other variables.
  • Conduct independent valuation analysis and review of medium to large values and highest level of complexity of real estate and equipment to be held as collateral.
  • Primarily responsible for moderate to highly complex commercial and agricultural credit analysis including C&I credits which require more intense analysis of scenarios and variable cash flow streams.
  • Completes very limited student loan credit analysis.
  • Perform break even repayment analysis, stress testing, scenario analysis, rate and volume analysis, UCA cash flow analysis, capitalization ratios for real estate valuation, sophisticated ratio analysis. Calculate stress testing scenarios based on vacancies, interest rate changes, and valuation changes.
  • Assign risk ratings.
  • Perform annual reviews of existing credits. These annual reviews would involve those with and without new requests and renewals proposed.
  • Spreading of the financial statements in a back-up/fill/overflow capacity.
  • Review real estate and equipment appraisals and valuations for accuracy and compliance with regulations.
  • Serve as secondary review for in-house evaluations and appraisal review.

Analysis of system data/system development/committees:

  • Serve as system admin/subject matter expert of loan origination system/core loan system for the Credit Analysis/Credit Admin area.
  • Serve as subject matter expert for document imaging system.
  • Serve as a primary representative for the area on any loan platform, system, or software. development/projects/enhancements/conversions.
  • Attend Business Development/Investment Committee and other meetings as needed.
  • Create reports and analyze system data as needed.

Minimum Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration and seven years working in credit analysis, credit administration, business and/or ag banking, financial analysis, or a field with similar duties. Preferred duties include five years of experience supervising a team of credit analysis staff.