Collateral Valuation Manager

Location: Bismarck, ND

Status: Full-time

Deadline: 5/16/2021

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT – Bank of North Dakota is launching an exciting new program to provide collateral valuation services for our financial institution partners across the state of North Dakota.

Summary of Work

This position’s purpose is to manage and oversee the entire collateral valuation function including internal and external services. This position is responsible for strategic visioning; developing collateral valuation partnerships with banks and credit unions across the state; communication of service structure, fees, and changes; individual and group training of staff; policy administration; managing workflows; setting priorities; quality assurance; and setting and measuring productivity levels within the collateral valuation team. This position is also responsible for the supervision of the collateral valuation team and reports to Chief Credit Officer.

Minimum Qualifications

This position requires a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration, or a related field, and a minimum of four years of work-related experience as an appraiser, as an apprentice to an appraiser, or bank/credit union employee or independent contractor working on behalf of a financial institution with primary duties in collateral valuation. Appraisal license and/or certification is not required.  Supervisory experience leading a team of collateral valuation staff is preferred but not required.  Experience in credit analysis, financial analysis, or accounting is also preferred but not required. Qualified candidates must have demonstrated experience in commercial and agricultural real estate evaluations and in chattel valuation as well as demonstrated experience in real estate and chattel sales research, documentation, and analysis.