It’s always rewarding to find new ways to connect with your customers. When the reward means helping them start or add to their college savings for their children, they will be grateful to you for years to come.

Bank of North Dakota (BND) is partnering with automobile dealers across the state to increase awareness of College SAVE, the state’s 529 plan. An annual event, you can choose to run the campaign for part or all the month of September. “It takes more than a car to get your kid to college” is a unique opportunity to demonstrate your belief in community. We are proud to partner with you.


Benefits to Automobile Dealers Association of North Dakota members:

  • Positions you as a caring, invested business for families in your community.
  • Unique way to bring families to your business and build relationships as you discuss their dreams for their children to attend college.
  • Whenever a family mentions their child’s College SAVE account, they’ll remember they started it when they purchased a car from your dealership.
  • You become a partner in literally changing a child’s future. The research is clear that children who have college savings accounts are more likely to attend college.
  • Dealership is associated with respected state agency, savings program and education.

Benefits to Bank of North Dakota College SAVE

  • Allows BND the capacity to reach thousands of families who have never heard of or acted on starting a College SAVE account.
  • Partners BND with highly respected businesses in communities across the state.

James Barnhardt
Director of College SAVE