Livestock Waste Management System Loan Program

The Livestock Waste Management System Loan Program funds construction, renovation or relocation of an approved waste management system.

Eligible facilities include small or medium (1,000 head or less) animal feeding operations that require renovation or relocation to fully address surface and/or ground water impacts.

The borrower must be a livestock producer in North Dakota who has been approved by the North Dakota Department of Health to install a waste management system.

Proceeds may be used to purchase materials and/or services for the design or construction of an approved waste management system.

Up to $100,000 per borrower is the funding limit as established by the State Revolving Loan Fund.

Interest rate: The borrower’s interest rate is fixed at 5% for 10 years. BND will net 4.75% with the lead lender receiving a .25% service fee.

Fees: Origination fee $250 minimum

BND uses its normal credit standards in reviewing the loan.

Adequate collateral is required.

North Dakota Department of Health must approve the project.

Borrower must work with a local lender to submit the loan application to BND and also to the ND Department of Health. Lead lender is responsible for servicing the loan.

The term may not exceed 10 years.

Bank Participation Loan Application (PDF)
Loan Renewal Application for Existing Participations (PDF)

PDFs will automatically download. Once downloaded, on desktop PC, right-click the file name in browser’s default download location, select “Show in folder,” open PDF. If you are not able to access a PDF, please contact us for assistance.

BND offers this loan by partnering with local lenders. To apply, contact your lender.

If you have any questions, contact us or call 701.328.5795.